Spring Ryder Cup

Tryon Country Club had its “Spring Ryder Cup” Golf Event on April 28 & 29. There were 14 players on each team competing in a Ryder Cup format with 4 nine hole matches. The team Captains were Tommy Gardner & Craig Culbreth for the “Bombers” team and Bob Peck and Steve Walker for the “Destroyers” team. It was a very competitive event with a lot of good natured trash talking among the teams. It came down to the last 2 matches, with the “Bombers” team taking the title by a score of 18 to 17. Congratulations to the winning team and thanks to all of the participants as everyone had a great time. The winning team was comprised of Tommy Gardner, Craig Culbreth, Ronnie White, Dale Musselwhite, Vernon Dusenbury, Jerry Perry, Bill Kelly, Doug Gelbert, Randy Allen, Jeff Raines, Keith Gilliland, Billy Walker, Mike Bates and Travis Aldred. The “Destroyers” team had Bob Peck, Steve Walker, Dennis Sakos, Jimmy McCain, Jim Shirley, Russ Walker, Ron Bircher, Bill Basye, Ryan Wall, Brian Jones, Hub Arledge, George Oliver, Ben Stackhouse, Ethan Waldman and Trey Dusenbury.





Dogfight Opening Day

The Dogfight Opening Day was played on Saturday, March 3. The format was a 4 player team point quota. The winners of the event were as follows:

1st place – Steve Walker, Mike Bates, Ethan Waldman, Jeff Raines – +3

2nd place – George Oliver, Brian Jones, Ben Stackhouse, Ronnie White – -9

Closest to the pin on #3/#12 – Austin Lewellyn – 5’11”

Closest to the pin on #8/#17 – Mike Bates – 11′ 6″

Dogfight Championship

The Dogfight Association played their year end championship on November 4 & 5. Twenty players participated in the two day event. The winners were as follows:

1st place(Tie) – Tommy Gardner  +4 1/2

Austin Lewellyn  +4 1/2

3rd place – Travis Aldred  +4

4th place – Eddie Chapman  +3 1/2

5th place – Dale Musselwhite  +3

6th place – Randy Allen  +2 1/2

7th place(Tie) – Russ Walker  +1/2

George Oliver  + 1/2

Closest to the Pin on #3/#12(Saturday) – Eddie Chapman

Closest to the Pin on #8/#17(Saturday) – Billy Walker

Closest to the Pin on #3/#12(Sunday) – Jeff Raines

Closest to the Pin on #8/#17(Sunday) – Vernon Dusenbury


Par-Tee for Pets

The Foothills Humane Society held their second annual “Par-Tee for Pets” on October 26. The participants played a 4 player scramble for 9 holes and then had a fabulous lunch where they received their prizes and gifts. The winners of the golf tournament were:

1st place Gross – Terry Lamore, Mike Axelrod, Rick Millweard, Ric Rondell – 29

1st place Net – Terry Allen, Trabert Allen, Chuck Britton, Mike Stephenson – 22.3

Closest to the Pin on #3 – Sara Lyter

Closest to the Pin on #8 – Mike Axelrod

Men’s Fall Ryder Cup

The Men’s Fall Ryder Cup was played October 21 & 22 with perfect weather conditions. Twenty Six participants were chosen into two teams by Captains Bob Peck and Brian Jones. They played four 9 hole matches against each other – Scramble, Four-Ball, Foursomes, and Singles.

The winning team was comprised of Brian Jones(Captain), Keith Gilliland(Co-Captain), George Oliver, Bobby Henson, Ethan Waldman, Travis Aldred, Robert Carter, Dave Gunter, Bill Kelly, Ron Bircher, Dale Musselwhite, Vernon Dusenbury, and Russ Walker. They won by a score of 18 1/2 to 13 1/2.

The losing team had Bob Peck(Captain), Hub Arledge(Co-Captain), Steve Walker, Tyce Marshall, Ken Johnston, Ted Hiley, Billy Walker, Jerry Pospisil, Bill Basye, Dr. Tom Bolling, Jimmy McCain, Jerry Perry, Ronnie White, and Dennis Sakos.

Men’s Club Championship

The Tryon Country Club Men’s Club Championship was played on October 14 & 15 with a field of 18 trying to become the 2017 Men’s Club Champion and Men’s Senior Club Champion. The weather was perfect as the guys gave it their best.

George Oliver outlasted charges by Tommy Gardner, Trey Dusenbury, and Steve Walker to become the 2017 Men’s Club Champion. He won by 1 stroke over Tommy Gardner, 2 over Trey Dusenbury, and 3 over Steve Walker.

Mike Bates became the 2017 Men’s Senior Club Champion as he beat runner-up Hub Arledge by 5 strokes.

Brian Jones won the Blue Tee Net division with Trey Dusenbury finishing second.

Dennis Sakos won the Green Tee Net Division with a come from behind victory over Jimmy McCain who finished second.

Ladies Club Championship

The Tryon CC 2017 Ladies Club Championship was played on October 3 & 4. In a close battle, Nancy Mahler won to become the 2017 Ladies nine hole Club Champion. Bonnie Sakos finished a close second. Georganne Murphy finished third and Claudia Law came in Fourth.

Sarah Potter won the Super Senior Ladies Club Championship over Anne Connolly who came in Second.

Parent Child

The Tryon CC Parent Child was played on September 30. Brian jones & Evan Jones won with a net score of 30.5. Second place was taken by Tim Ballew & Troy Whiteside with a 31.75. Austin Lewellyn & Eliza Whiteside finished third with a 33.0. Coming in fourth was the team of Ben McEntire & Durham McEntire.

Couples Golf

We had nine couples to play on September 29. The format was a two player net scramble. Ken & Heidi Shull won with a net score of 21.5. Richard & Anne Connolly came in second with a 23.5. Third place was taken by Chris Ter Kuile & Becky Kennedy with a score of 24.5.

Junior Club Championship

The Tryon Country Club Junior Club Championship was played on Saturday, September 23. It was an exciting event as it came down to the last hole with three juniors within 1 stroke of each other. Troy Whiteside prevailed to become the Boys Junior Club Champion. He won by 1 stroke over Evan Jones. Eliza Whiteside was the Junior Girls Club Champion.