Spring Ryder Cup

Tryon Country Club had its “Spring Ryder Cup” Golf Event on April 28 & 29. There were 14 players on each team competing in a Ryder Cup format with 4 nine hole matches. The team Captains were Tommy Gardner & Craig Culbreth for the “Bombers” team and Bob Peck and Steve Walker for the “Destroyers” team. It was a very competitive event with a lot of good natured trash talking among the teams. It came down to the last 2 matches, with the “Bombers” team taking the title by a score of 18 to 17. Congratulations to the winning team and thanks to all of the participants as everyone had a great time. The winning team was comprised of Tommy Gardner, Craig Culbreth, Ronnie White, Dale Musselwhite, Vernon Dusenbury, Jerry Perry, Bill Kelly, Doug Gelbert, Randy Allen, Jeff Raines, Keith Gilliland, Billy Walker, Mike Bates and Travis Aldred. The “Destroyers” team had Bob Peck, Steve Walker, Dennis Sakos, Jimmy McCain, Jim Shirley, Russ Walker, Ron Bircher, Bill Basye, Ryan Wall, Brian Jones, Hub Arledge, George Oliver, Ben Stackhouse, Ethan Waldman and Trey Dusenbury.