TCC - Golf Course Hole#7

Firewater Fling

On Saturday, June 10th we had our first “Firewater Fling” golf tournament. Each team was comprised of 8 players who played with just 1 club which was chosen by draw before play started. The team members then played in order of draw (1-8) with whatever club they had. All players used a driver to putt with once you got onto the green. There were 6 teams of 8 players in the event. The winners were:

1st place – Brian Jones, Robert Carter, Tommy Gardner, Jeff Raines, Ethan Waldman, Trey Dusenbury, Keith Gilliland, Craig Culbreth

2nd place – Mike Bates, Steve Hammond, Vernon Dusenbury, Ronnie White, Bob Peck, Randy Allen, John Law, Claudia Law

3rd place – Dave Gunter, Steve Collie, Jerry Pospisil, Tyce Marshall, Richard Connolly, Anne Connolly, Bill Kelly, Peggy Henson