The character of the Tryon Country Club is determined by the nature of individual behavior on the golf course, at the pool, in social events, on committees and in meetings. Each of us plays a part in setting the tone and character of the club. We would like to have Tryon Country Club recognized as the “Friendliest country club in the South!” Each of us conducting ourselves within these guidelines will make Tryon Country Club “user friendly.”

The golf course plays nine or 18 holes, making use of one alternate green and one alternate tee plus different colored tee markers. Generally, the course is open for play year round. Players may walk, carrying clubs or using pull carts, or ride using carts available at the pro shop. The course is reserved during the season for TMGA play on Monday mornings and for TWGA play on Tuesday mornings. The weekend “dogfight” association plays Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. A half-hour block of tee times is reserved to start and another half-hour block is reserved to make the turn two hours later. Call for course availability. Club tournaments and other special events are posted and take precendence over individual play.


All golfers should be in proper attire. This does not include T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, cutoffs, bathing attire or short shorts. Children under 15 are allowed reasonable departure from adult standards.


Play must start at the first tee unless otherwise cleared through the Pro Shop.

    • Members are required to check in at the Pro Shop prior to beginning play. Guests should be registered at that time.
    • Men’s front nine is from the blue tees. Back nine from yellow. Women’s front nine is from the white tees, back nine from the red. Senior front nine is from the green tees, back nine from the brown.
    • When a group playing 18 holes has reached #9 green in proper  sequence, it has precedence on the #1/#10 tee. If several such groups are involved, groups teeing off on #1 and #10 alternate.
    • During periods of heavy play and backup on #1 tee, golfers may start on #4 or #6, but only with permission of the club professional. Golfers starting on #4 or #6 forfeit the right-of-way at the #1 tee.
    • Unless with an adult, children 12 and under can play after 3 p.m. with permission from the pro.
    • Groups of more than four may be permitted with permission from the Golf Professional on duty.
    • Slow play is discouraged – pace of play is 2 hours and 5 minutes for nine holes (add 10 min. if carts are restricted to paths). Position should be maintained by playing “ready golf.” Faster groups should be invited to play through at the first opportunity.


USGA Rules govern play, amended by the following local rules:

    • Out of bounds – Country Club Road and Horseshoe Curve Road and as makred by white stakes.
    • Preferred lies in effect in your own fairway is left to the discretion of each group. For tournament play rules will be posted prior to tee-off.

Free relief from:

    • Areas marked ‘ground under repair’ with white lines, landscaped areas, flower beds and immovable obstructions.
    • Man-made obstructions, surface roads, cart paths and approaches to bridges.
    • Tennis court and swimming pool.

Course Markings 

    • Out of Bounds- Defined by White stakes and Country Club road and Horseshoe Curve road.
    • Yellow stakes and lines – water hazard
    • Red stakes and lines – Lateral water hazard
    • White lines and signage define ground under repair and any landscaped areas where relief is permitted.
    • White-lined areas tying into artificially-surfaced roads or paths are deemed to have the same status as roads and paths. They are obstructions, not ground under repair.
    • Misc. – Ditches to the left of holes #4 and #5 are played as “Through the Green” with no relief permitted without penalty.
    • Stones in Bunkers – Stones in bunkers are deemed to be moveable obstructions and may be removed.
    • Electronic Measuring Devices – Electronic measuring devices are permitted for use during competition rounds unless they include functions that gauge other factors than distance (wind speed and gradient).
    • Relief allowed – Relief is peremitted from areas of “ground under repair” including fire ant hills and French drains.
    • Score cards – In a competition a “score card is deemed to be returned when posted on the scoreboard”.


Tournament schedules, published each year, are open to members and family members ages 14 and older.

Players should record their scores at the clubhouse each time they play to maintain fair handicaps. Current handicaps are required to participate in club and association events. Handicaps are computed under the supervision of the Tryon Men’s and Women’s Golf Associations in accordance with the USGA and the CGA.


Players are expected to repair divots and repair ball marks on the greens and rake over footprints and marks in bunkers. Concern for the course is a mark of the true golfer, regardless of skill.

Comments or suggestions concerning the course should be made the Greens Committee, GM or to the Board of Directors, not to members of the grounds staff.

Golf carts should be kept a minimum of 30 feet away from greens and tees and on cart paths at tees and greens. Pull carts should not be pulled between bunkers and greens.

Cart Rules are posted at the first tee. Please “stay on path” or “use 90 degree” rule as instructed for current weather and turf conditions.

Please observe all directional signage for cart traffic.

Practicing from a specific spot on the course is prohibited. All practice should be confined to the range and chipping and putting greens.


Check course rules posted at #1 tee for daily instructions. A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart. Only two riders alloweed on a cart at one time.


The golf range is open daily from 7:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. (in-season). Range ball rental is required. The practice green adjacent to the ninth green is for chipping and short pitches. The use of any other portion of the golf course as a practice area is prohibited. Range balls may not be used on the course.